The Graduate Business Association is a student-run organization that serves as an advocate for students in order to enhance the MBA experience at USF. We promote a vibrant educational community for students by supporting the USF MBA clubs, advancing alumni relations, and hosting both social and professional events.

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Liza DolgonosovPresident - Liza Dolgonosov is a full time first-year MBA student, and is focusing her studies on International Business and Marketing.  Having completed a double B.A. in International Relations and Russian at the University of California, Davis, she spent nearly seven years in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, most recently as an account manager and analyst.  She is a member of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco,and is an active volunteer for various community groups.

Bruce Chiu

VP of Alumni - Bruce C. Chiu “Serving as the Vice-President of Alumni Relations, I am committed to creating opportunities for current students to take advantage of the extended network of our alumni, at the same time offer alumni a platform to reconnect to the school and further their management knowledge through workshops. In cooperation with the School of Management and GBA, I strive to establish a more robust system to close the gap between students and alumni to enhance our overall experience at USF.”

Chris Allen

VP of Student Life - Chris Allen is a Bay Area native that spent his undergraduate time in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University. Following college, he spent his early career in the entertainment industry before moving to Taipei for a change of pace. When Chris returned from Taiwan, he moved to the city and met his wife. Chris has a constant desire to learn and grow and very excited to pursue his MBA from USF. Chris loves dogs, whiskey Old Fashions, and custom suits.

Chris Wittman

VP of Marketing - Christopher Wittman ”As a recent transplant to San Francisco, every day is a new adventure. With a background in event planning for boutique hotels and restaurants, my passion lies in creating experiences unlike any other.  My day-to-day interaction with clients was pivotal in taking their ideas and specific requests to plan events beyond their expectations.  I have transitioned that same care and consideration along with me to my current position as VP of Marketing, in order to plan the events “WE” want to see outside of the rigors of our daily lives at USF.”

Jaclyn Anku

VP of Career Services - Jaclyn Anku ”Acting on the belief that business has a powerful role to play in creating a more sustainable economy and culture, I am pursuing my MBA at the University of San Francisco; my coursework focuses on the intersection of social, financial, and community development. As the VP of Career Services, I bring a commitment to professional development and enthusiasm for peer-to-peer learning. I am passionate about arts and culture, small business, and international development. In my free time, you can find me at the Lake Shore Farmer’s Market in beautiful Oakland.”

James Brownson

VP of Part-Time Students – James Brownson is a part-time, first-year MBA student and is focusing on finance and international business.  James has undergrad degrees in Finance, Behavioral Science, and Foreign Language from San Francisco State, City College of San Francisco, and the Defense Language Institute, respectively.  He continues to work for McKesson as a sell-side manager of Generic Pharmaceuticals in the hospital market, working to lower the overall cost of healthcare.  He’s also a board member and serving as treasurer for a charity focused on Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage for the under-privileged: Quan Yin Healing Arts.

Jingcheng Lian

VP of IT - Jingcheng Lian (full-time MBA) is an international student from China. After getting Administration and Law degrees in college, he started a cafe business with his schoolfellows, and tripled the business in two years. Entrepreneurship experience makes him believe that business is about creating social value. As VP of IT, he will devote himself to build an efficient media and improve the technology supports for USF MBA community.


Jonathan Hellam

VP of Clubs - Jonathan Hellam With a background spanning exciting fields such as alternative transportation and the independent music industry, Jon Hellam strives to provide his fellow classmates with a dynamic and engaging club activity schedule. A bay area native, Jon understands the importance of representing a wide, diverse range of interests – one that matches the cultural and physical landscape of his beloved San Francisco.


Mackzenzie O'Donnell

VP of Finance - Mackenzie O’Donnell (MSEM/MBA) is your 2014 GBA VP of Finance! She’s very enthused to hold this position and allow clubs and GBA activities to expand their horizons for the potential the Masagung School of Management has to offer to utilize the power of the purse. Mackenzie and the 2014 GBA crew are inspired to preserve USF’s iconic presence in the Bay Area while also challenging the status quo to recruit more students for next year’s growing MBA programs, incorporate more activities and events across all MBA students, and reach out to increase USF’s involvement in our local community. Clubs never fear, your GBA VP of Finance is here to keep the FUN in Funding your student activities!