The International Students Club (ISC) celebrated the yearly Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) at the downtown campus on Monday, September 8, 2014. Students from various programs gathered around in the Agora and sampled different flavors of moon cake, including red bean, lotus seed, and mixed nuts. ISC shared the legends and origins of this special holiday and its importance to the Chinese. The event created an opportunity for cultural exchange and supports USF’s commitment to diversity.


NewCo Registration

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NewCo is coming back to SF for a third consecutive year, September 11th & 12th!  Be sure to check out the list of innovative companies who will be opening up their doors. This is an amazing opportunity to gain some insight into the successful tech companies you know & love, as well as to discover the new start-ups on the horizon. 
As students, this is a great time to network with other executives, entrepreneurs, and investors!  The best part is that all events are free!  Spaces fill up fast, so begin looking at the your prospect list of companies to ensure you get a spot. 
Start rehearsing your elevator pitch and fine-tune those resumes, because you never know if you will end up bumping into your future boss!

Link: www.sf.newco.co

Welcome Fall 2014

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August 11, 2014

Dear USF MBA Students,

In a few short days we’re going to kick off the start of your MBA at USF.  By now, you’ve hopefully met most of us at mixers and events.  You’ve heard from Liza, our GBA President about all the possibilities that await you.  I want to take a moment to highlight the GBA’s relationship with you during your MBA program.

Whether you are in the full-time, part-time or EMBA program, this is an exciting time.  We’re certain you have great hopes and aspirations for your continued education at USF and we want to make sure that this is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can have.  As GBA officers, we are expressly at your service.  Each of us serves a different role and purpose with the ultimate mission of creating an engaging and supportive environment for us, as MBA students.

While it may seem that the GBA is all fun and games (which we are!), we’re also dedicated to serving your academic needs and growth.  Nothing in life is ever perfect.  Within your MBA experience there may be professors that don’t fulfill their academic promise or courses that don’t deliver adequate learning opportunities.  You may look up and realize you want a course that isn’t offered.  We urge you to come to us with your wants, needs and problems.  While we may not be able to change the rotation of the moon, we will do our utmost to serve your academic and student-life needs.

If you’ve skimmed this entire note thus far, take away this parting message:  The GBA can answer all your problems.  No, just kidding.  But we will bend-over backwards to help develop an MBA experience that will enhance yourself and your career.



On behalf of the GBA

Chris Allen

GBA VP Student Life | cjallen3@usfca.edu